Tunnel Vision was a solo installation at the Sasoon Gallery, Peckham, London in May 2009 exploring the gallery space which is an arch under Peckham Rye station. Responding to the environment, a slide projection was accompanied by a sound recording referencing the flow of people, light and sound.

Exhibition press release:

Bradley Hayman's work revolves around the study and exploration of architectural spaces, the urban environment, and in particular the gallery space. By making work specific to the site of exhibition Hayman responds to the location, drawing attention to its everyday elements that normally go unnoticed.

Hayman uses repetition to draw attention to the audience’s surroundings and its details, inviting you to question the environments you inhabit, their purpose and ideology. His use of scale addresses the conflict between being controlled by space and architecture (as was the intention of much Victorian architecture) versus a more democratic ability to manage space and create our own environments. The work invites you to consider whether the space depicted is in itself a work of art and what consequences that could have.

For ‘Tunnel Vision’ the artist chose to use slide projection in order to show the changing light levels within the space caused by trains at the adjacent railway station plus the continuous change of daylight levels. Meanwhile the routine motion of the slide projector reflects the monotony and repetition of everyday life and commuting, making a noise similar to the chugging of a steam engine.

 Tunnel Vision   Still image as in slide projection 
 Tunnel Vision   Installation still 
 The Sassoon Gallery   Site as seen when planning work 
 Gallery signage for Tunnel Vision